Abell, Robert 1630 with Gov. Winthrop

Allen, John

Alverson, Teleife 1704 Naturalized

Barnard, Bartholomew

Barnard, John

Barney, Edward

Bartlett, Richard, 1634 in the "Mary & John"

Beard, Widow Martha

Beardsley, William, 1635 on the "Planter"

Beecher, Isaac, 1637 from England to Boston

Benham, John, 1630 in the "Mary & John"

Booth, Richard

Bowen, Obediah

Bowers, George

Bradley, William

Bristol, Henry

Brown, Francis

Browning, John 1622 in the Abigail

Bucklin, William

Budd, John 1632

Bunnell, William, 1638

Butler, Richard bef 1630

Butterworth, Henry

Camp, Nicholas 1630

Chatterton, Thomas 1631 in the "Adams Ann"

Clark, James 1637 on the "Hector"

Cole, James c1630's

Conibear, Thomas

Concklyne, John - bet. 1635-1640

Cornell, Richard

Curtis, John 1632 on the "Lion"

Dorchester, Anthony

Dorwin / Darwin, Ephraim c1669

Doxsie, Enoch D. - Naturalized Eaton Co. Mich. 11 Nov. 1856.

Doxsie, Samuel Dorland -Naturalized Eaton Co. Mich. 11 Nov. 1856

Doxie, Thomas

Farrington, John 1635 in the "Hopewell"

Fickel, Michael 1734 on the "Hope"

Fitch, Thomas

Ford, Widow Martha 1621 in the "Fortune"

Fowler, William 1637

Fox, John

Foxwell, Richard

French, William 1635 in the "Defence" from Hartwick

Galpin, Phillip

Gillette, Jonathan 1633 on the "Recovery"

Gillette, Mary (Dolbere) 1633 on the "Recovery"

Goldsmith, Thomas

Hitchcock, Matthias 1635 on the "Susan & Ellen"

Horton, Barnabas - between 1635 & 1638 on the Swallow

Hotchkiss, Samuel in the "Hector"

Indgjer, Olaf Gulbrandsen

Kennedy, William 1742 from Ireland

Lambert, Jesse

Lance, Jacob, Michael, & Hans/John 1738 in the Thistle

Langseth, Peder

Lathrop, Rev. John 1635 in the "Griffin"

Lines, Ralph

Loughrey, James c1755 from Ireland

Luther, Capt. John c1634 from England

Mason, Sampson

Meikle, George 1875 from Scotland

Merriman, Nathaniel 1632 in the "Whale"

Minor, Thomas 1630 in the "Arabella"

Moore, Thomas 1635

Moss, John

Munson, Thomas

Odle, John 1774 Virginia

Ogden, John 1640

Palmer, Walter 1629

Peck, Joanna (Allen), 1637 in the "Hector"

Peck, Henry 1637 in the "Hector"

Peck, Joseph

Preston, William

Prichard, Roger 1640

Rosholm, Hans

Ryan, James 1750's from Ireland

Seabrook, Robert

Schleiermacher, Mathias - chg to Slaymaker

Smith, George

Tapp, Edmund

Terry, Richard 1635 in the "James"

Thompson, Anthony 1637 in the "Hector"

Thompson, John 1680 from England

Thompson, Thomas 1870 from England

Van Doesburg, Hendrick Hendrickson

Van Haarlem, Marritjen Hendricks

Vinal, Stephen 1636

Washburn, John

Wells, William 1635 on the "Free Love"

Wemple, Benjamin Franklin

Wilmot, Benjamin - swore the oath of fidelity in 1647.



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