Thomas Doxsey bought Oct 19, 1650 of Nich's Stillwell, through Rich'd Cluffe, the plantation lot Stillwell bought of Geo. Homes in G'd, as per town record.

On 5 September 1650 [NS] "Thomas Doxsey of Roade Island" made "my well-beloved friend Richard Cluffe" his attorney in all matters of debt and trade between Doxsey and Nicholas Stillwell [Gravesend TR 1:67].
On 19 October 1650 [NS] "Richard Cluffe" agreed with Lieutenant Nicholas Stillwell "for a certain lot lately purchased by the said Nicholas Stillwell of George Homes the said lot being for the proper use of Thomas Doxsey" [Gravesend TR 1:49-50].
On 24 March 1651 [NS] "Richd: Cluffe of the Munnatows [Manhattan] arrested the house & land of Thomas Doxsey of Pequett in New England for certain debts due" [Gravesend TR 1:85].
On 27 May 1651 [NS] "Mr. Robert Scott of Boston" purchased this lot from Doxsey and "is to defray all such charges the said Richd: Clough is out upon it & pay such debts he can prove due to him from Doxsey" [Gravesend TR 1:89].

Thomas Doxie Sr., son of James and Sarah (Wells) Doxie, married Kathryn (Waring or Wescott?). She was baptised 19 Feb 1629/30 London, Eng.

One child, Thomas Jr. md. Sarah Bushell

Kathryn md 2nd Daniel Lane in 1652, md 3rd Thomas Moore in 1680.

page 81
24 June, 1650, I JAMES DOXIS of Moulton, co. Northampton, husbandman, being weak in body, do ordain this my last will: I give and bequeath to my wife Sarah Doxie the use of my house for life, if she continue widow. I give and bequeath to every child the sum of five pounds, that is to say to Thomas Doxie my son five pounds, and to James, John and Humfrey my sons, and to Alice Tebbot my daughter and Anne and Isabell Doxie my daughters five pounds apiece, but to my daughter Margaret Doxie seven pounds; and I ordain that every one shall have the yearly annuitie of five shillings out of the rent of the said house until the above sums be fully paid, unless my sons James and John, whom I constitute feoffees in trust and executors, shall sell and alienate the same, as I hereby give them power to do, and shall thereby pay the sums above mentioned so much the sooner. To my wife Sarah and my children above named I bequeath my goods and chattels not yet bequeathed, to be divided equally amongst them. I bequeath to my grandchild Margaret Tebbott [p.81] 20s. I will the part and portion above mentioned, given to my son Thomas (now in New England), to rest in the hands of my son James Doxie till my said son Thomas come to demand it, and if he never come, it shall belong to my son James.
Richard Hooke, clerk, William Jones.
Proved 19 August, 1650, by James Doxie, power reserved to the other executors.
(Northants Wills, S. 3., 1645-60, f. 232.)

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Record
Name: Thomas Doxie
Year: 1600-1675
Place: New England

Source Bibliography: HOFF, HENRY B. English Origins of American Colonists, From The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1991. 287p.
Page: 80

Source Publication Code: 3230.10
Annotation: Date and port of arrival or date and place of will administration or other mention in the New World.
Extracted from four series of abstracted English records appearing in the The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record between 1903 and 1916.

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