Immigrant in the ship "Hector" with the Davenport colony.

Samuel Hotchkiss, born 1623 in Essex, England, died 28 December 1663 New Haven, Ct. Immigrant from England to New Haven, Ct. as early as 1641. One of the founders of New Haven, Ct. 1638. Married 7 September 1642 at New Haven, Ct. to Elizabeth Cleverly. She died in 1681 in New Haven, Ct. Samuel Hotchkiss came from Essex, England, and is supposed to have been a brother of John Hotchkiss who settled at Guilford, Ct. The name is spelled in some instances, Hodgkis, Hodghe, Hodgkins, and Hotchkins, but by the third generation it was nearly always spelled Hotchkiss.
JOHN b. 1643, d. 1689, m. Elizabeth Peck
Samuel b. 1645, d. 1705, m. Sarah Talmadge in 1678, m. 2nd Hannah ( ). At the Guilford Town Meeting 22 Feb 1668 it was voted to accept him as a planter, but it does not appear that he came. Lived at East Haven, Ct.
Sarah m. Jeremiah Johnson of Derby. He and Joshua Hothkiss are called brothers in court records.
James b. 1647
Ens. Joshua b. 16 Sept. 1651, d. 1722, m. 1st Mary Pardee 29 Nov 1699, m. 2nd Hannah Tuttle 3 May 1709, m. 3rd Mary Ashbun. Lived New Haven, Ct. Ensign, Sheriff, and a man of prominence in New Haven.
Sergeant Thomas b. 31 Nov 1654, d. 21 Dec 1711, m. Sarah Wilmott 27 Nov 1677. Of Sperry's Farms. Owned lands in Hamden and Woodbridge Sergeant Daniel b. 9 March 1657, d. 10 March 1712, of New Haven, Ct.
m. Esther Sperry 6 June 1683

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