Buckner, Illinois

Birdseye view of the Village of Buckner, IL

The home of John Logan Buckner

Elvia Buckner

Sylvia Lois Buckner Davis and daughter Mary Elizabeth

Birdeye view of the village of Buckner, IL was an old postcard probably enclosed in a letter to Sylvia Buckner Davis in Clark County IL.

The Buckner home. This was the home of John Logan Buckner.

John Logan Buckner born August 08, 1868 died August 16, 1930. John was a son of Moses Buckner for whom Buckner the Village was named.
Moses was the son of Rychard Buckner, an early settler of Franklin County.

Elvia Buckner b. September 01, 1894 d. February 12, 1909, second born child of John Logan Buckner and Mary Tabitha Hammons Buckner.

Sylvia Lois Buckner Davis and her first living child, Mary Elizabeth. Sylvia b December 09, 1891 d December 08, 1984 was the first born child of John Logan and Mary Tabitha Hammons Buckner.

John Logan Buckner         Logan Moses Buckner           Roy & Nina Buckner

Sylvia & Papa Buckner       Beth & Barbara           Harry Davis        


The young man in the picture is Logan Moses Buckner b September 27, 1920 d abt. 1994. Logan was born to John Logan Buckner and his fourth wife Martha Virginia (Mattie) Brown b April 20, 1887 d January 14, 1964. Logan was a dairy farmer but also served twice as the mayor of Buckner, IL.

The man on horseback is Harry Davis, husband of Sylvia Buckner.

The two little girls are Mary Elizabeth and Barbara Kathleen Davis, oldest daughters of Harry and Sylvia.

The group picture was taken in Buckner and in front of the Buckner house. In this photo are five Davis children, Elva Morris b August 07, 1917 dau of John Logan Buckner and Martha Virginia (Mattie) Brown Buckner. The adults in the photo are Sylvia Buckner Davis, John Buckner and Mattie Buckner.

Emmaline (Pierce) Rodgers
Browning Hill Cemetery

This picture of a portion of Browning Hill Cemetary was taken about 1984 to show the headstone of Emmaline (Pierce) Rodgers b September 10, 1838 d January 10, 1892. She married Moses Buckner b February 11, 1827 d April 17, 1882. He was a veteran of the Civil War and it has been claimed that he eventually died as a result of his wounds suffered during that war. Moses Buckner enlisted with the Union Army in Benton, Illinois and served as Corp. in C Company, 15th Illinois US Cav. Unit.

Emmaline was buried beside her husband but his headstone was missing at the time the photo was taken.

I'm still looking for the picture of the young ladies in front of the Christopher Church taken probably before 1908.

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