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BYFORD H. WEBB. A practicing physician since 1906, Dr. Byford H. Webb has in five years made rapid strides in his profession, accomplishing more in that brief period than is given to many men even more happily situated in a much longer time. He has gone so far towards making a permanent reputation for himself that his future is practically assured, and it is not too much to predict for him a brilliant future in the field of his chosen profession.

Born in Ewing, Franklin county, Illinois, on May 19, 1881, Byford H. Webb is the son of Dr. L. M. and Amanda (King) Webb. Both parents were born in Franklin county, and Dr. Webb, the elder, was a well known physician for forty years in Ewing. He was a most successful man in his profession and when he died, in 1906, he left a goodly estate, as well as a reputation for honor and fair-mindedness that will live for all time. He was known and loved throughout Franklin county for his kindly generous nature, many of the admirable traits of his father, Elijah Webb, living in him. Elijah Webb was one of earliest settlers in Franklin county. He was a Baptist preacher, and the church at that time being in a primitive state of organization, Reverend Webb traveled extensively through Illinois in the interests of the work. He was well known and universally esteemed throughout the state, his work and ministry being of a nature that endeared him to all who came in contact with him. The maternal grandfather of Byford Webb is William King, one of the first born in Franklin county. Mr. King is now eighty-six years of age, and lives on his old homestead near Ewing. He was one of the founders of Ewing College and is a life member of its board of trustees. He has always been active in educational promotion and his efforts in that direction have been amply rewarded. Mr. King is a well-to-do man, baying been particularly successful in a material way. He is the owner of eight hundred acres of fertile Illinois land, in addition to a number of other valuable realty holdings.

Byford H. Webb followed his common school training with a four years course at Ewing College. At the conclusion of that course he entered the Medical Department of St. Louis University, graduating therefrom in 1906, and receiving his well earned degree of M. D. He began his practice in Ewing and remained there actively engaged in his professional work until he had succeeded in defraying the cost of his education. In 1909 he moved to West Frankfort, and since his establishment there he has been favored with a most pleasing practice, and in which he has been unusually successful, his standing in West Frankfort being of an order that precludes any possibility of any but a highly successful career.

Dr. Webb is a member of the County and State Medical Associations, being active and prominent in both societies, and is affiliated with the Masonic order. He is a Democrat, but is not deeply interested in political matters. He is a member of the Baptist church.

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In 1907, while residing in Ewing, Dr. Webb married Madoliene Jones, the daughter of Henry Jones, of Marion. Mr. Jones is tIme post-master of Marion, Illinois. Dr. and Mrs. Webb are the parents of two children Maurine, aged three years, and Byford Lewis, born in 1912.

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