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DR. HOSEA AUGUST VISE. The annals of Southern Illinois would not be complete without mention of the name of the Vise family and chronicles of the part the pioneers of that family took in furthering the progress and development of this section of the country. Hosca Vise was one of the most renowned and learned Baptist ministers who ever preached in Southern Illinois, beginning his ministry in this section nearly a hundred years ago. This sturdy pioneer was born in South Carolina, in the eighteenth century, and when he struck out for the then western wilderness and Indian infested country there was no public means of transportation for passengers, and his first journey to Illinois he accomplished on foot. This was in 1830. He later returned to South Carolina in order to conduct his wife to his new field of labor, and on this journey Mr. Vise again walked, while his wife rode back with him on horseback. Hosea Vise was a man of strict principles and great independence of thought and action, and it is stated that when he lived in South Carolina he was the only prohibitionist in the county of which he was a citizen. During his lifetime he traveled all over the southern part of Illinois preaching the gospel wherever he went and was known by nearly every family in that section where he was familiarly, and lovingly known as Uncle Hosea. In his early life he taught school for a time and prepared his own text books, writing them with a quill pen. In later years he of course adopted printed books, but the library of old volumes which he left to his great-grandson, the present Dr. Hosea August Vise, is a valuable one, computed to be worth several hundreds of dollars. The Reverend Vise was moderator of the Franklin Baptist Association for thirty-one years. He lived to an extremely old age, his death occurring on February 11, 1893. Lafe Vise, his son, was born in Franklin county, Illinois, where he followed the pursuit of an agriculturist. This son in turn became the father of Harvey Vise, who was born in Franklin county in 1856 and is now one of the wealthiest and most influential citizens of this section of the state. He possesses exceedingly large and valuable land holdings and also owns and conducts one of the biggest mercantile establishments in the county. Harvey Vise is a. self-made man who started in commercial life with a horse and wagon and the grit to establish a little store at Macedonia in 1874, when he was only eighteen years of age. He prospered greatly, however, and soon became a man of great

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influence and power in his community: His public spirit and liberality are of the highest and most generous character and to him in large measure is due the credit of building the Baptist church at Macedonia, and since its erection he has continued to contribute most generously to its support. In political matters also he exerts great influence. He is a Republican and a large following in Macedonia looks to him as a guide in forming and expressing their views on public matters.

Dr. Hosea August Vise, of Benton, was born in Macedonia, Franklin county, Illinois, on August 10, 1881, the son of Harvey and Sarilda (Plasters) Vise. His mother died when he was but four years of age and he has accordingly missed the boon of a mother's love and care. After completing his studies in the grade and high schools of his home county he matriculated at Ewing College and graduated from that institution of learning after a four-year course. He afterwards attended Washington University, at St. Louis, and in 1905 graduated from the St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Dr. Vise began active practice immediately after receiving his degree, locating first at Thompsonville, where he remained for two years. That field did not offer sufficient scope for his ambition and abilities, however, and he accordingly moved to Benton, and from the time when he first opened his office here, three years ago, he has enjoyed a large and lucrative practice both in Benton and throughout the county.

On February 28, 1906, Dr. Vise was united in marriage to Miss Grace Mitchell, daughter of George O. Mitchell, a resident of Marion, Illinois, and manager of the Black Diamond Railroad. Mrs. Vise is a woman of charming personality and superior education, having attended the Carbondale Normal School for three years. One daughter has been born to bless the home of Dr. and Mrs. Vise, Marguerite Eller.

Dr. Vise is active in social affairs as well as professional life in Benton and is a leading member of the Elks lodge and of the Masonic order. He is a man of keen intellect and progressive tendencies and keeps in touch with the latest developments of medical science and activities through his membership in the American Medical and the State Medical Associations. He is a member of the Baptist church, a man of high moral rectitude and unimpeachable personal integrity and justly enjoys the confidence of a large circle of friends and acquaintances in this section of the state.

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