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DECATUR A. SMITH, M. D. Prominent among the medical fraternity of West Frankfort, Illinois, is Dr. Decatur A. Smith, for seven years engaged in the active practice of his profession in that city. In the comparatively brief period of his establishment there he has accomplished much in the way of laying the foundations for a useful and honorable career in his chosen profession, and ultimate success of a signal character is predicted by those who have observed his record thus far.

Decatur A. Smith was born in Williamson county, Illinois, on August 16, 1874, being the son of Wilfred P. and Fatima (Dunn) Smith, The father, Wilfred P. Smith, was born in Tennessee, and came to Illinois with his parents when young. He devoted himself to farm life, and is still a resident of Williamson county, where he has been popular since his settlement there. His father, John Smith, was a native of Tennessee, subsequently settling in Illinois with his family, where he finally died. The maternal grandfather of Decatur A. Smith, James P. Dunn, came to Illinois early in the history of the state, and settled on a farm in Williamson county, where he passed the remainder of his life. The early life of Decatur Smith was passed similarly to that of the youth of his town, and after his graduation from the public schools of his district he was entered as a student in Crabb Orchard Academy. The intention to enter the medical profession had been formed in earlier years, and in 1900 he entered the American Medical College at St. Louis, graduating therefrom in 1904. Immediately following the completion of his medical studies he came to West Frankfort,

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where he opened an office and assumed the duties of a practicmg physician. His clientele has from the first been of a wide and pleasing order, and combined with his regular practice he has charge of a portion of the surgical work for the local mines and railroads. Dr. Smith is affiliated with a number of fraternal organizations, among them being the West Frankfort Lodge of the Masonic order, and of the W. R. Ward Chapter, No. 223, at Benton, Illinois. He is a member of the State, County and Southern Illinois Medical Associations, being active in his connections therewith, and in his political convictions is a Republican. He takes but little interest in affairs politic, the demands of his profession being such as to preclude any but the most meager attention to outside matters.

In 1901 Dr. Smith married Miss Lizzie Harris, a daughter of John Harris, now retired from business and a resident of Murphysboro, Illinois. Mr. Harris has accumulated considerable wealth in his busy career, and is now enjoying the fruits of his labors. Dr. and Mrs. Smith have one daughter, Marjore, now in school.

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