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CHARLES E. McCLINTOCK. One of the most substantial representatives of the financial interests of Cypress, Illinois, is Mr. Charles E. McClintock, president and owner of the Bank of Cypress, a financial institution of high standing and assured stability second to none in Johnson county. Mr. McClintock resided upon the Franklin county farm on which he was born, January 27, 1870, during the first twenty-two years of his life. The McClintocks were among the early pioneers of this section of the state, and the grandfather of our subject, Samuel McClintock, who was a native of Ireland, first resided in North Carolina, but later settled in Southern Illinois, coming here in the early forties. Mr. McClintock's 's father, Andrew Jackson McClintock, was born in North Carolina, and came from that state with his father, who settled here as above mentioned. His mother, who was before her marriage Louisa J. Clemons, was born in Tennessee. The father spent his life in agricultural pursuits, and died on the farm in 1893, while the mother is still living.

Charles E. McClintock was a member of a family of ten children and had six brothers and three sisters, whose names were as follows: Samuel C., Emma Ellen, Andrew J., John W., Robert L., Moses C., Edward E., Martha J. and Mary L. His first entrance into the mercantile world took place when he was in his twenty-second year, when he engaged in business in Old Frankfort, Illinois. In August, 1899, Mr. MeClintock disposed of his store at that point and removed to Johnston City, Williamson county, purchasing there a stock similar to that which he carried at Frankfort, and now conducts a business there of sufficient proportions to make it profitable to carry fourteen thousand dollars worth of goods on the shelves. Mr. McClintock has been very successful in this as in other lines of commercial activity in which he has a part, and is entitled to personal credit alone for what he has attained, for he has gained all through his own unaided efforts.

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Ten years ago he became actively interested in banking operations through his connection as stockholder of large holdings in the First National Bank of Johnson City. He now owns an interest in several other financial organizations, possesses a large amount of real estate in this and other states and is rated as one of the weathiest men of this part of the state. He owns valuable real estate properties in Johnson City; St. Louis, Missouri; St. Elmo, West Frankfort, Marion, Grand Tower and Cypress, Illinois, and at other points in Missouri has one hundred and eighty acres of land, while at Austin, Texas, he owns one thousand one hundred acres the value of his entire acreages being estimated at in the neighborhood of thirty thousand dollars.

On June 15, 1911, in company with William Orwan Hall, his son-in-law, Mr. McClintock purchased the Bank of Cypress, Mr. Hall assuming the position of cashier of the institution, which does a general banking and loan business. He is now engaged in making arrangements for the incorporation of the Cypress State Bank, with a capital of twenty-five thousand dollars, the stockholders to be among the citizens, business men and farmers of Cypress.

In 1891 occurred the marriage of Mr. McClintock and Belle Jordan, of Franklin county, a daughter of Elijah W. and Nancy C. Jordan. Four children have blessed this union. One died in infancy and the three living are: Nola May, wife of William Orwan Hall, previously mentioned 'as cashier of the bank; Ruby Fay and Lena Ruth.

Mr. McClintock is a man of deep religious convictions and is a benevolent contributor to all churches. ln fraternal circles he is highly esteemed as a prominent member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and of the Woodmen of the World. He is an influential factor in all movements looking to the highest development of this section of the state and is a gentleman of unimpeachable integrity as well as extensive experience and broad business ability.

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