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History of Gallatin, Saline, Hamilton, Franklin and Williamson counties, Illinois

The History Of The Killian Family in North Carolina by J. Yates Killian
1883 List of Pensioners On the Roll, V.1 Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Dist of Columbia

Black Jack: John A. Logan and Southern Illinois in the Civil War era By James Pickett Jones

Biographical sketches of Illinois officers engaged in the war against the ... By James Grant Wilson Gen. Logan pg 38, 96

Franklin County, Illinois, 1818-1997 By Franklin Co. Historical Society

Bloody Williamson: A Chapter in American Lawlessness By Paul M. Angle

Early Johnson's of Hamilton County, Illinois: also includes other early surnames such as: Barker, Bond, Braden, Deen, Flannigan, Hall, Hungate, and Shasteen-J.W. Dupree, 2000 - Reference - 676 pages Note: Many Hamilton Co people moved into Franklin Co.

Illinois Rebels: A Civil War Unit History of A G Company Fifteenth Tennessee ... By Ed Gleeson. Note: Type keyword Illinois in the search box. Several references to Franklin & Williamson Co. men are mentioned.

Williamson County Illinois sesquicentennial history edited by Stan J. Hale

Legends and Lore of Southern Illinois By John W. Allen

Arbitrary arrests in Illinois: Letter of Judge A.D. Duff, of Franklin County ... By Andrew D. Duff

American bastile: A history of the illegal arrests and imprisonment of ... By John A. Marshall 1869
Israel Blanchard, MD of Carbondale pg 174
Hon. Andrew D. Duff of Franklin Co. on page 293.
Samuel D. Bundy of Williamson Co, on pg 375.
James M. Williams of Spring Garden (Franklin / Jefferson Co line) on pg 449.
Walter S. Hawkes of Tamaroa (Jefferson Co) pg 538
This book is in the public domain and can be downloaded.

History of Williamson Co IL by Milo Erwin 1876 - 283 pages Note: This book is in the public domain and can be downloaded.

The bench and bar of Illinois: historical and reminiscent, Volume 1 edited by John McAuley Palmer
Charles H. Layman of Williamson Co, pg 586
Index on pg xi
This book is in the public domain and can be down loaded.

Blue book of the state of Illinois By Illinois. Office of Secretary of State Public Domain:
Aiken, Charles A. of Franklin Co pg 362
Aiken, Walter S. of Franklin Co pg 323
Allen, William J. of Williamson Co pg 328
Allen, Willis of Franklin Co pg 317. 322
Bainbridge, Allen of Franklin Co pg 317
Bowyer, George P. of Franklin Co pg 312. 314
Burnett, Otis H. of Williamson Co, pg 35. 302
Cunningham, John W. of Williamson Co pg 323
Davis, John T. of Williamson Co pg 321
Dement, John of Franklin Co pg 311, 312
Denning, A. William of Franklin Co pg 323
Dennison, Edward L. of Williamson Co pg 335
Dollins, Achillis D. of Franklin Co pg 315, 318, 320
Dorris, Thomas M. of Franklin Co pg 307, 308, 309, 310
Duncan, John H. of Williamson Co pg 358
Erwin, Milo of Williamson Co pg 348, 350
Ewing, Elijah of Franklin Co pg 306
Ferrell, Wilfred of Williamson Co pg 325
Fowler, James M. of Williamson Co pg 356
Gregg, Hugh of Williamson Co pg 330
Hoskinson, William W. of Franklin Co. pg 350
Kirkpatrick, R. D. of Benton, Franklin Co. pg 302. 372
Mooneyham, Thomas M.of Franklin Co. pg 344
Odam, Dempsey of Franklin Co pg 315, 318, 319. 324
Payne, C. C. M. V. of Franklin Co. pg 335
Phillips, Peter of Franklin Co. pg 344
Sams, Thomas M/H. of Franklin Co pg 325, 328
Smith, William H of Franklin Co pg 368
Sullivan, Thomas Jr of Franklin Co pg 356
Washburn, James M. of Williamson Co. pg 336, 344
Webb, M. N. of Franklin Co pg 358
Williams, Walter W. of Herrin, Williamson Co pg 35. 302, 372
Wren, Johnson of Franklin Co pg 313, 314
Youngblood, Francis M. of Franklin Co pg 348

A nickel's worth of skim milk: a boy's view of the Great Depression By Robert J. Hastings

Half a century in the school room: or, Personal memoirs of Jas. W. Turner ... By James William Turner Note: There's lots of Williamson Co history and genealogy in this book.

The patriotism of Illinois: A record of the civil and military ..., Volume 1 By Thomas Mears Eddy Public domain: The genealogy of Gen. John A. Logan begins on page 482.

Tales and Songs of Southern Illinois By Charles Neely, John Webster Spargo

Papers in Illinois history and transactions By Illinois State Historical Society The Williamson County Vendetta, pg 122 - Public Domain

Pierce's Register. Army pay accounts, Rev War.

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois By Harriet J. Walker See Index.

One hundred years in Illinois, 1818-1918: an account of the development of ... By John McLean See pg 64, names first settlers of Franklin Co IL.

Mining and engineering world, Volume 32 See pg 5, Franklin and Williamson Co's coal fields.

Historical encyclopedia of Illinois edited by Newton Bateman, Paul SelbyWillis Allen of Williamson Co family. pgs 14, 15

Newspapers and periodicals of Illinois, 1814-1879: Volume 6 - Page 233

A brief history of the Regular Baptists, principally of Southern Illinois By Achilles Coffey, Thomas J. Carr Elijah Madox 81, Moses Neal 81,

History of Franklin Association of United Baptists By United Baptists. Franklin Association, William Pinckney Throgmorton Public Domain

Papers in Illinois history and transactions By Illinois State Historical Society John H Mulkey of Benton pg 341. Franklin Co IL pgs 117, 118, 119, 342. Williamson Co 341, 342. Logan family 53, 135, 137, 281, 317. John H Mulkey 341, 342, 343, 344, 345, 346, vii, 330, 367, 410, 418, Public Domain.

Medical review, Volume 36 Franklin Piere Reagan, MD, and wife Amanda E. Dillon Reagan.

A complete history of Illinois from 1673 to 1873: embracing the physical ... By Alexander Davidson, Bernard Stuvé Jourdan settlement 250

Chronicles Of The Scotch-Irish Settlement In Virginia, v.3, by Lyman Chalkey. [Augusta Co VA wills] index p596, public domain

Virginia Militia In The Rev War, by McAllister. Public domain

Virginia County Records, v.1

A History of Tennessee and Tennesseans, v.7

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